Who Are We?

We are the families of two million home-educated children.

We are the families of 5.9 million private-school-educated children. 

We are parents who send our children to public schools but expect our public school administrators to live within their budget and to be accountable. 

We are senior citizens on a limited income who cannot afford another tax, however much we might appreciate the cause.

We are over-taxed American families who are against paying another dime to an over-fed, inefficient government bureaucracy.

We are homeowners who believe in private home ownership and that property taxation is immoral.

We are Constitutional patriots who believe that the leaders of the Federal government should bind themselves to the Constitution to which they took an oath, particularly, in this context, Article 10, and get out of the business of educating the nationís children. 

We are the members of the Constitution Party (http://ohiocp.org/nationalplatform2004.php#Education). 

We are the members of the Libertarian Party (http://www.lp.org/issues/platform_all.shtml#educatio). 

We are Bible-believing Christians who are against the immorality that is being taught to our nationís children in tax-subsidized government schools.

We are a diverse group of Americans, but we have one thing in common: we want to stop our local public school levy.