More Levies on the ballot on March 4
        West Muskingum School District has placed another income tax levy on the ballot for March 4th.  If you want to vote to keep more of your own money, please don't pass up this election; take the time and go to the polls.  If you want to give your money to the school system, please do.  However, please do not vote to force others to do so upon pain of fine, prison, or property confiscation.  That is not kind to your neighbor.  Let West Muskingum taxpayers be free to do what they will with their own money.  The cost of West Muskingum's school district may be thousands of dollars less than Zanesville's district, but it is still thousands of dollars more than the average cost of a private education in the state of Ohio.  Let West Muskingum lead the way in showing cost efficiency and high quality, without forcing a tax upon a far over-taxed taxpayer base.  Our district is losing jobs, and close to leading the nation in bankruptcies and foreclosures - another income tax will worsen those already devastating social ills.  Please vote on March 4th, and Vote Freedom First!