West Muskingum to go back on ballot
Alan P. Siedler

I am disappointed that the West Muskingum School District Earned Income Tax is being planned to be placed on the March ballot.

There are several crucial questions that have not been answered in any of the Times Recorder articles or in the mailed West Muskingum informational flyer:

1) Is the earned income tax equitable? 2) Why was the Ohio Legislature House Bill 66 initiated in the first place?

3) Why wasn't a property tax placed on the ballot instead of an earned income tax?

I am also concerned about the threatening cuts that have been mentioned in the subject article; elimination of all sports programs, elimination of some bussing, reduction in custodial staff hours and the elimination of eight teacher positions.

Nowhere in the article is a mention of administrative cuts, a reduction in Sharon Smith's salary, a reduction in the number of vice principals (I understand that there is one vice principal at each school) and the elimination of "double dipping" teachers.

I think that an alternative plan like a reasonable property tax increase and sports participation pay could generate the needed revenue.

I am a concerned taxpayer and want to maintain a well-rounded educational system, including, academics, sports, extracurricular activities and special need students. This is the first time that I have been opposed to a school levy and want answers before I change my opinion.

Also, has the earned income tax levy been filed with the board of education? The deadline for filing for the March ballot was Dec. 20?


Alan P. Seidler