Real costs of West M's proposed levy

September 27, 2007
West Muskingum schools recently mailed an update on the proposed income tax levy that they are going to put on the upcoming November ballot. They say it is "only" a .75 percent (three-fourths of 1 percent) income. Very nice. Obviously the three-fourths of 1 percent looks much tinier than the larger looking .75 percent. But I noticed they included no examples of what this would cost a family. By the way, all will pay this tax who have income - college students, high schoolers - except some senior citizens. Well here is an example of the cost for a typical West M household for one year: Household income of $60,000

Three-fourths of 1 percent is $450

Current property tax is $1,200

Current amount of property tax West M gets is $725

Percent of money to West M ($450/$725) is 62 percent.

Yes, West M will get 62 percent from this $60,000 household and every household with that income. Just thought I would show that the ramifications of the meager looking three-fourths of 1 percent increase are actually quite outlandish.

Bruce Shearn