No more bailouts
Zanesville Times Recorder, October 11, 2008

Next month the bureaucrats from the Mental Health Board, the Zanesville and West Muskingum school districts and the vocational school are going to try to squeeze as much money out of our pockets as they can. These people are greedy and believe our money is their money and they think they know how to spend it better than we do. Unfortunately for us, they're just like the bureaucrats in Washington; they haven't exercised financial responsibility or managed our tax dollars efficiently and now want us to bail them out of the financial holes they've dug themselves into.

The unemployment lines are growing, thousands of dollars are being lost from retirement plans and families are struggling to make ends meet and yet they still believe we can afford more taxes. You've got to wonder where their compassion and sense of decency is that they would so quickly and often sacrifice our property and well being and use the power of the state to try and coerce money from us. It's sad our tax system allows the state to fine us or seize our property if someone's taxes don't get paid.

It's tragic we can work for years to own a home and raise our children and then lose everything because of medical bills, utility bills, house payments, health insurance, gasoline, food and high property taxes. So please don't vote to force your neighbors or friends who've lost their jobs or will soon lose them to pay higher taxes. Please don't vote to force someone who just checked their spouse into the hospital with terminal cancer and is struggling to pay for it, to pay higher taxes. And please don't vote for a levy that'll place drastic burdens on the seniors and retirees with modest incomes who own their own homes who face outrageous property tax bills that threaten their ownership rights and their retirement.

Folks, I say since there isn't anyone who is going to bail us out, we need our money more than they do and the very last thing anyone needs is any new taxes.

Steve Mitchell