Born free, taxed to death

Zanesville Times Recorder, September 6, 2008

The county's unemployment rate is 8.9 percent, economic down turn looms on the horizon, the cost of living is spiraling higher and higher and many of us are just one poor business decision or a serious medical illness away from losing our jobs and/or our homes. The price of a gallon of gasoline has crossed the $4 threshold and its price is only one serious world event from climbing much higher.

And if that's not enough to contend with we must continually fend off the schools' and county agencies' attempts to steal our hard-earned money.

In this county whenever an agency or school's levy is defeated the bureaucrats always take the position the voters got it wrong, ignore their decision and then propose another levy. Fortunately in November and March most of the levies were successfully defeated including the West Muskingum School District's exorbitant income tax. Now the West Muskingum school's officials have decided the easiest way to satisfy their insatiable appetite for money is to try to legally extort money from their district's property owners. To attempt to pass such a large levy is outrageous and shows they're greedy and care a great deal more about their financial well-being than the taxpayer's well-being. For these people the most pleasing of all privileges is spending other people's money. Most people believe money belongs in the hands of those who earn it, but these people believe our money is their money and they'll take as much money as we can earn and we can't stop them.

I say collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is nothing more than legalized robbery. The economy has forced us all to tighten our belts and I don't know about you but I don't have any extra money to give to them. The bottom line is if you and I can live within our means why can't the vocational school, Zanesville and West Muskingum schools and the county agencies do the same thing? Please ask your friends and neighbors to vote against all the levies.

Steve Mitchell