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"No new taxes"

Zanesville Times Recorder, February 9 2008

If you're like me you haven't forgotten the gut-retching pain you experienced last year after you opened your property tax bill. Very few property owners would disagree that it was the mother of all tax increases.

It's unfortunate the Mental Health Board, the Health Department and the West Muskingum School District were granted the power to target and try to rob the property owners and the income of the people who reside in the West Muskingum School district to fund their inflated agendas and goals. To tax the property owners of the community for the advantage of a certain class of people isn't protection: It is plunder.

Our tax bills are now higher because of the Starlight School and Senior Center tax levies and we need to do whatever is needed to keep it from going any higher. If this trend continues, the taxes they want us to approve will all but negate the tax relief the eligible property owners received from the Homestead Exemption.

These agencies and school officials will continue to target our families, homes, and incomes and simply don't care that the escalating taxes will jeopardize our financial well being and survival.

Please go to the polls and vote against all the levies. Those who'll benefit from the taxes are sure to vote - they're voting themselves our money. I also urge all the senior property owners who live in the West Muskingum School District to stand together with the opponents of the school district's income tax and vote to defeat this tax. A vote against the income tax will force the school district to wisely use the thousands of dollars they already receive from us in property taxes and will keep your family member's, friend's and neighbor's money in their own pockets, where it belongs.

Don't let these people tear down our financial dreams by allowing them to walk away with our hard-earned money. We can't do anything about death, high gas and food prices, but we don't have to accept any new taxes.


Steve Mitchell