No more new taxes
From Steve Mitchell
Posted in the Zanesville Times Recorder Letter to the editor on January 11, 2008
Sharon Smith's story about her school district had me when she talked about dismantling it one block at a time because that's exactly what her district's repetitive requests for more tax dollars will to do to its families. Smith said our schools are our community and she trusts the community to know what is best for the school district. And if that is really the case you have to wonder why they chose to ignore the voter's voice and turn around and place the tax back on the ballot in March?

If you're like many others and me and voted against their tax in November you're really getting fed up with the escalating property and income taxes. It seems at each election cycle someone wants the property owners and the working folks to put their financial dreams on hold and financially support their inflated goals and agendas.

Smith's letter seemed to be mostly all about her and the school's wants and needs, but it didn't really address the financial burden the tax would have on the community's families. Do you really believe they care if we have enough the money to pay our mortgages, our car payments, our property taxes or buy the essentials items such as, gasoline, food, medicine or utilities? The truth is it's all about what they want, not what is best for the community.

The school district didn't shut down in November and it won't close after the election in March, and since the school didn't like the voters' decision in November they certainly won't like their decision in March. Hopefully, the school will be able to find someone who will be able to develop a plan that will skillfully use the thousands of dollars they already receive from us in property taxes, so they can implement the additional cuts they have been threatening to make.

The voters need to come together and proclaim March 4 as No More Taxes Day and keep these folks from destroying our financial dreams by allowing them to walk away with our hard-earned money.

Steve Mitchell