Printed in Zanesville Times Recorder 10-26-07
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Send a message when you visit the polls
by Steve Mitchell
If you're like me and many others you're really getting fed up with the escalating property and income taxes. It seems every time you turn around a county agency or a school district is asking the property owners and all the hardworking folks to put their financial dreams on hold and financially support their inflated goals and agendas instead.

Don't let these people tear down and destroy our financial dreams one levy or income tax at a time. We can't do anything about high gas and food prices, but we don't have to accept any of the new taxes that'll be on the ballot.

When you visit the polls this fall, send the agencies and the West Muskingum School District a powerful and unequivocal message that you're not going to accept any additional property taxes or an income tax.

Defeating the levies and our property taxes won't increase. Defeat the school district's income tax and we'll keep them from walking away with our hard-earned money.

Steve Mitchell