Spring 2006 Levy

Articles and Letters to the Editor
from Zanesville Times Recorder:

"Not all taxes are just" by Stephen Birch
"City schools may find the well has run dry" by Duane Harper
"Homeowners can't foot the bill for district" by Linda Massey
"Turn down the levy" by Larry Starcher
"Education is not the most important thing for kids" by Major Young
"People shouldn't pay for school board's failures" by Michael Wyatt
"Should public schools be funded by all taxpayers?" "No" article written by Dr. Patrick Johnston, with regional teachers' union Pres. John Lanning writing the "Yes" answer
"Can you do the math?" by Mary E. Smith
"Vote no on school levy" by David Zaverl
"More taxes not the answer for schools" by Steve Mitchell
"It's time to vote out those who keep raising our taxes" by Clayton Harper
"Let them strike, and let the taxpayers keep their money" by Patrick Johnston
"Teachers, administrators sending bad message" by Ronald Richmond
"Why was student harassed for writing her opinion?" by Tara West
"Both sides are childish" by August Lowry
"Revenue and Respect" by David Zaverl
"Stop the scare tactic" by Paul Brown
"Why did superintendent deserve a raise?" by Luke Perry
"Why won't administrators take a pay cut?" by Jeannie Jarvis
"If schools are cutting, why ask for levy?" by Ronald Richmond
"Zanesville can afford to cut administrators" by Judy Wofter
"Zanesville City School administration building is unnecessary - sell it" by Sue Gardner
"Why is school board putting illegal Levy on May ballot?" by Larry Starcher