Zanesville Times Recorder, October 19

Here we go again, its levy season.

I really liked the letter this weekend from Dr. Johnston, but if I may, I would like to point a couple of points of information that should be of interest to the voters at this time.

The school administration is asking for a new levy to maintain the new buildings that were recently built. My thought would be that they should have warranties on all parts of the new buildings, if so, there should be very little major maintenance at this time.

If they don't have these warranties then someone was definitely asleep on the dock and missed the boat on this one.

In fact if the people in charge did not allocate funds for the proper maintenance of these buildings then apparently someone was not thinking outside the box.

With all this in mind, why would they need a new levy. Keep in mind that in the spring the school was in such a crisis that they had to lay off people, but it amazes me that  after that levy was voted down, they found money to hire most of them back and at the end still have a small surplus.

It is still my belief that the administration is still too top heavy with some very large salaries and double dipping. This may sound a bit humorous, but I wonder if maybe we should go back to a school marme and a one-room school house, then the kids would get a quality education at an effective cost.

I just ask that you give all of this some thought and above all get out and vote because one way or the other this will affect all of us.

Ronald O. Richmond