UPDATE: Levy fails by 2 to 1 margin - Fight Your Local Government School Levy and Win!

5/3/06 [Click here] to read headline article in the Zanesville Times Recorder about the failure of the Zanesville public school levy on May 2, 2006.  It failed by an overwhelming vote of 1,246 for it and 3,501 against - that's about 3 to 1 against the levy!  (We also saw the failure of the Children Services levy and the West Muskingum Career and Tech Center levies.)  Last year it was 2 to 1 against the levy, so the tide is turning against the annually public school levy.  Despite this fact, the tireless parasites are going to try to pass another levy through this fall.  Liberty requires never-ending vigilance! 

You can fight your local school levy, too, and win!  Make your signs and put this website on it.  This website is designed to convince the public that school levies are wasteful, unfair, and immoral.  Send us articles and newspaper links and we'll fine tune the website to fight your local levy, at no cost to you.  We want to serve your community by helping you defeat unjust taxation for government schools.  Just a few hundred bucks for signs and a few homeschoolers can make the difference. 

With God, all things are possible!