Posted by "Howie" on Zanesville Times Recorder web forum Oct. 23, 2007

District's Deceptive Scare Tactics
by Howie

Let me just say that many people are against this levy because they feel like myself that it is an unjustified double dipping by the West M school board. They already receive tax money from residents of WEST M district via property taxes. Now they want to add to that a tax on our income, which personally I feel is unjustifiable.

I have no problem with some levies and have voted for them in past, but this is just downright sneaky by the WEST M board and focuses primarily on people who actually work for a living.

And as a side note, they are not telling the truth when they claim they will cancel sports programs. They will possibly institute a pay to play much like Zanesville has but they are definitely using scare tactics when they tell you and the public that they will cancel all sports programs.
Your district is trying to scare you by saying they will take sports from you. If you do not believe me then just do a little math.

Take the football program for example. How much do you think the gate and concessions bring in year after year. Don't you think all those hundreds of people who plop down 5 bucks a ticket every game and then eat at the concession stands are bringing in enough money to justify paying for that sport.

Basketball is even a much bigger Cash cow for the district because there is little in the way of expenses and more home games.

The threat of cutting athletics is a darn lie....Again I admire your courage for speaking up for what you do, but someday when you are older you will realize that in a political battle, which this is there are always lies and exaggerations.....and this is one of them.

Now again I have no problem with West M seeking to up their prior levy that was based on property tax values. I feel that is justified and a much more equitable way to spread the tax burden.

It is grossly unfair to tax the Homeowner once and then tax their wages a second time. This is a bad move by the West M board and deserved to be removed from their position.

And again Zanesville City has been doing the pay to play for several years. Many of the kids pay for their own pay to play or most of it through fund-raising activities and there is both a family and individual cap.

Honestly your claim that people won't pay to play because they have no money does not make much sense since you are asking the same people to pay you a new tax out of the wages that they currently earn.