The Parasites Are Lurching for our Jugulars Again - Vote Down Levies on November 6 to Keep Your Money
parasite, n. 1. an organism that lives on an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutrients. 2. a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving useful or proper return.
levy, n. 1. money collected by authority or force
Do you want to keep your own money, or do you want others decide for you where your money should go?  If you don't vote, what right do you have to complain when you discover that your paycheck keeps getting smaller and smaller every election cycle?  If you want to keep more of your own money, then vote!  As a matter of fact, if you want to keep more of your own money, then get several of your friends and family to the polls, and tell them to vote down the levies to keep more of their own money too!  Those who benefit from the levies are sure to vote - they're voting themselves your money.  For levies to succeed, they must exploit the apathy of the ordinary voter.  If you care about your own wealth and the wealth of your children and grandchildren, then there are several levies on the ballot in Muskingum County this November 6 that should grab your attention.
  • West Muskingum Local School District income tax
  • Starlight Programs Training Centers
  • Muskingum County Center for Seniors
  • Mental Health and Recovery Program
  • Recreation Center for Harrison township
  • Dresden Village levy
  • Philo Village levy
  • Rolling Hills Local School District income tax
  • and several fire protection levies.
    [click here to see the extensive list for yourself]

Our district is having tremendous financial difficulties with a high home foreclosure and bankrupcty rate, the loss of businesses overseas or to other states, and one of the highest state and local tax systems in the nation (  The ever-increasing number of parasites who want to exploit our wealth and property is one of the main reasons for our financial crises.  Voters must not be apathetic about the steady loss of their income to the beneficiaries of all the state and local taxes and levies.  If the levy proponents want our money, they should provide a competitively priced service or product and ask us nicely; but to try to coerce it from us forcefully using the prosecutorial powers of the government is legal plunder and insulting.

We must not allow our emotions to be hijacked by those who are appealling to a good cause to raid our bank accounts.  Voting against a levy is not voting against a cause, but is voting to keep your own money.  If you want to give your money to a public school, for instance, please do so.  But if someone would rather spend their money on a private school like Rosecrans instead of a public school, they should be free to do so without fear of civil penalty.

Levy proponents are exploiting good causes to try to get the levy passed.  For instance, consider the Center for Seniors levy and the Mental Health and Recover levy.  Who doesn't want to help seniors or the mentally ill?  However, voting against the levy, it could be argued, can also help the seniors and the mentally ill.  Consider the many seniors in our district who do not employ the services of the Center for Seniors.  Should those seniors be forced, upon pain of fine and imprisonment, to give to the Center for Seniors when they do not benefit from those services?  Seniors often are on a fixed income and are strapped financially through high medical bills, rising food and gas costs, and property taxes.  Can senior citizens afford these levies?

Consider the many people who would rather support a senior citizens ministry at their church instead.  Consider the many families who are working hard to provide for their own elderly parents or grandparents, often at great financial cost and strenuous personal effort.  They may not want to employ the services of the Center for Seniors - should they then be forced, upon pain of fine, property confiscation, or imprisonment, to give up the money they would have spent on their own loved ones to the Center for Seniors to care for others?

Many of these causes may merit your support; however, the vast majority of the time a government bureaucracy is the most inefficient and wasteful means of accomplishing some good.  Private organizations, churches, and civic groups, with private donations given freely by free Ohioans, can accomplish the same thing with much more effectiveness and at much less cost.  One can want more and better services for seniors, for children, and the mentally disabled, and yet be completely against this being accomplished by a government bureaucracy or a state-dependent organization.

If there are levies on the ballot worthy enough to merit your support, then please give to them.  But give your own money!  Voting for the levy does not mean that you're simply giving your own money to support this cause, but that you want to force your neighbors, upon pain of fine or property confiscation, to give to causes to which they would not give willingly if they had the choice.  There are several worthy causes on the ballot, and those causes should be supported in an even greater measure than they are now, but they should be supported by free Ohioans who give voluntarily, not those who are coerced to give or threatened with stiff penalties.  If not enough citizens would give voluntarily to the programs to keep the programs financially afloat, then maybe that program or bureaucracy isn't worth as much to this community as its beneficiaries think it is.

If you are not registered to vote, the deadline for registration to be able to vote is October 9.  Contact the Muskingum County Board of Elections at 455-7120, or visit 205 N. Seventh Street in downtown Zanesville to register.

Remember, Ohio law allows absentee ballot voting without any excuse whatsoever, so don't bother going to the polls - vote by mail!  To get an official request form for an absentee ballot, or to find out what information you need in your personal request, please visit the Muskingum County Board of Elections at or click the Secretary of State's website at

It's your paycheck!  Vote on November 6!
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