Public school funding

David Zaverl
February 7, 2008
Last month I briefly covered problems with our school system and particularly with the teachers' union. If you have been following presidential primary news you saw how the liberal agenda driven National Education Association used teacher dues to file a lawsuit in Nevada to bolster Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Now let's look at how public schools are funded, and just how many ways besides property taxes they dip into your wallets. Schools receive money from:



  • Property taxes - this jeopardizes ownership of your home
  • Federal income taxes
  • State income taxes
  • Foundation grants - Ford, Carnagie, Bayer, etc.
  • Corporations - Wal Mart, GE, Hardies, etc., increases your cost for consumer goods
  • Endowments
  • PTA/PTO fundraisers
  • Year book sales
  • Sales of school rings, jackets, etc.
  • Cookie, candy, whatever sales
  • Ticket sales to sporting events and concerts
  • Concession sales
  • Student activity fees
  • Lab fees
  • Cafeteria sales
  • Investments - CDs, stocks, bonds

    With income from all of these sources they want to dip into our wallets with a levy on our income, and they are trying to get a state constitutional amendment to make education an entitlement which would mean the state pays them first and all other services get what's left.

    This is greed and careless disregard for hard working taxpayers, and the only way to correct it is to stop feeding it and demand reform.

    The first thing to do is to demand transparency. As I have mentioned in previous articles the Zanesville City School District reports income and expenditures of approximately $33,000.000 a year, yet they have additional income of $18 to 20 million.

    No more funding should be authorized or voted for until the public knows what is being done with current revenues.

    My next article will detail funding solutions.

    David Zaverl