Something we can control

October 29, 2008

I am writing in reply to the people who support the school levy.

Before it was put on the ballot for the first time, Sharon Smith said if the levy failed there would have to be $500,000 cuts made to the budget. If $500,000 was needed to maintain the school system the way it was, why put a levy on the ballot to generate $1.9 million? If you know ahead of time $500,000 is needed, put a levy on for $500,000 not $1.9 million. If $1.9 million is needed to cover a $500,000 deficit I suggest the first cut to be made is whoever is doing the books. A big selling point in trying to get the levy passed is it will bring more jobs into the area. We were and are still losing jobs that no levy is going to bring back. Who's going to pay the taxes when there are no jobs? Another tax increase will cause more hardship on people with fixed incomes. We can't control the cost of gas or groceries, but we can control a tax increase. Vote no on the West Muskingum school levy.

Roy Massey