The meaning of no new taxes
Roy Massey
February 23, 2008

Since when does no new taxes mean an increase in your property taxes? I voted on two levies on the November ballot that were no new taxes. When I received my tax bill in January, there was a $90 increase from last year.

When I called to ask about the increase I was told it wasn't a new tax but was an increase due to the re-evaluation done last year, (which was a $200 jump from the year before). How many more no new taxes can a working family stand before they join the list of foreclosures and not be homeowners any longer?


I know it is our constitutional right to vote, but why should working families living in the West Muskingum School District possibly have their taxes decided by someone on a fixed income and not affected by the outcome of the vote. In the past year my taxes have increased $290 without a school levy passing. I know I am not alone in this. A tax based on income could result in some families paying more than they will receive in raises over the next five years. What happens after five years? Another levy that says no new taxes.

Roy Massey