Vote no for more taxes
Frank Laihr
February 29, 2008

West Muskingum School District and tax evasion, or how does the tax dodger help the school district, take money from the honest hard-working taxpayer.

I received a very disturbing post card from the West M School District last week. The card states


"Earned Income Tax Facts"

West Muskingum has a .75 percent Earned Income Tax levy on the March 4, 2008 Ballot.

"If it is not reported self-employment income or on your W-2 IT IS NOT TAXED.*"

  • under the West Muskingum Earned Income Tax Levy.

    Your Vote counts! Vote March 4, 2008

    Are these educators so afraid of the voters and desperate for their jobs that they are encouraging tax evasion?

    This is a direct attempt to inform the self-employed tax dodger that their vote for the levy won't hurt their bottom line.

    Just like the school district has survived off the property owner they are looking to take more from the taxpayer.

    As they attempt to get yes votes from tax dodgers. I wonder what kind of citizenship is being taught in the WM School District.

    Perhaps we the taxpayer need to take a look at a school district that believes the end justifies the means!

    I don't care what the self-employed do. But to try to get their votes so you can take more money from the taxpayer! It appears that money isn't the only thing in short supply at West Muskingum! Can we say " integrity."

    Perhaps the attorney general of State of Ohio and the IRS should look at this.

    My vote will be no to these tactics and no to more taxes.

    Frank Laihr