MWCD should be clear on tax assessment
Printed in Zanesville Times Recorder Nov. 1


I find it very interesting that the Muskingum Watershed District decided to send letters to commercial property owners to inform them of the tax assessment coming next year with the property tax bill, but chose not to inform residential property owners. Could this decision be based on the fact that an election is coming up soon and maybe this information would make it harder for the school levies and other tax increases to pass? In my conversation with the Muskingum Watershed District I was informed that this is an assessment not a tax. It seems like a tax to me as it will be added to my property tax. I was informed that an assessment is just added, not voted on. I'm not sure how they figured the amount of the assessment, but mine is about 10 percent of my property tax. Commercial properties are used to make income for their owners. This means if you pay rent it is going up and if it is a store, prices are going up. Is this another reason jobs go to other states where the cost of doing business is less?

Steve Gaswint