Why does Sunrise center need so much money?

I am a homeowner, taxpayer and a senior citizen and I am very concerned about all the tax levies in our county. With high prices, our citizens are getting very tired of all the taxes we are faced with.

I attend and enjoy the senior center on West Main Street and especially enjoy knowing our tax dollars are not depended on keeping the center open. The senior center on West Main Street does not receive any of the money from the levy, even though they are also a nonprofit senior center. All of the activities at West Main Street are free. I do not have to pay anything for all the activities that they offer. Why is it costing so much to keep the Center for Seniors at Sunrise open?

I feel the taxpayers of this county are not aware of how much tax money the Center for Seniors at Sunrise receives and what the money actually goes for. I feel the cost of the payroll for their employees takes up a lot of the money that our taxpayers are forced to pay. The rent for that center with utilities is around $10,000 per month.

I feel there needs to be another way of funding for all of the levies that our taxpayers are now forced to pay.

Please consider everything before you go to the polls.

Norma Boykin