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Fall 2014 Levies

Vote Down 2014 Levies on November 4

Election Day stands as a strong reminder of how citizen apathy inevitably leads to tyranny. If people donít vote, the bureaucracies and economic parasites can run roughshod over the rights of the people. Moreover, if people are dependent on the government instead of self-reliant, they may vote but they vote to enrich themselves at the expense of others. The bigger government gets the more people are employed by the government and its branches, thus providing an ever-increasing supply of people who go to the polls and vote themselves richer at anotherís expense. This leads to an ever-increasing size and expense of government.

How are your rights infringed upon through levies? In a free market, you get to pick where you want your hard-earned money to go. If you want to spend your lunch money at Taco Bell, you are free to do so. But imagine a levy passing taking from you one dollar of every ten and giving it to McDonalds against your will. Do you see? The levy forces you, upon pain of fine, prison, or property confiscation to give to a cause you would not give willingly if you had the free choice. If you want to give a dollar of every ten to McDonalds, do so! But do not take our rights over our own money and property away in the name of your favorite fast food restaurant.

Another way property taxes violate your rights is that it literally removes your right to property. Property taxes make the government the owner of all property. Do you think you own your property? Quit paying property taxes and you will quickly discover who owns your property.

Another way that school levies deprive you of your rights that it teaches things that most Americans would rather not be taught their children and grandchildren. Was it democracy that removed prayer and Ten Commandment posters and monuments from school property? Was it democracy resulted in the distribution of condoms and taught that homosexuality was natural and normal and should be embraced? Was it democracy that taught that atheistic evolution was the best explanation for the universe and life within? No Ė it was a bureaucracy committed to godlessness in defiance of the evidence and in defiance of your rights as a parent.

Renewal taxes DO increase taxes. In a sense, the vote for the levy is a vote for higher taxes, because if the levy passes your taxes would be higher than if the levy fails to pass. My six-year-old figured that out on his own! But renewal levies also increases taxes in another way: as your property values increase, so does the percentage the government gets from your property taxes. To better understand this, it is best to understand how Ohio school levies work under the law. To better understand this, click here.

Lastly, consider the details of the local levy on the ballot. When we began to fight local school levies on Christian principles, the levy lost several election cycles. The levy thatís up for renewal now won a few years ago because it was a ďsnow dayĒ for public schools and the ground was frozen. We couldnít get our signs in the ground! Teachers were out of school and could more easily vote, and most everybody else stayed off the roads! (To keep that mosquito from sucking your blood, you canít just swat it a couple times. Gotta keep swatting because if you take a break, itíll win.)

If this levy failed, Zanesville City Schools would be more competitively priced compared to surrounding districts. Zanesville spends $9,912 per child per year (2011-12 data). School systems around Zanesville are all less. Comparing the cost and efficacy of public schools to their private school counterparts, it becomes even more obvious that this levy is not about the children. If it was about the children, we would get the government out of the education business and let the free market produce better education at better cost. The free market is the best way to produce fast food restaurants, and itís the best way to produce educated kids. This levy is not about the kids Ė itís about money. They want more of yours for their paychecks. How else can a tenured kindergarten teacher get a six-digit-salary for nine months of work? Do you think the free market can do that? For this levy to succeed, they need to get you to stay home on Election Day, or not care about the gradual deprivation of your God-given rights, or succumb to the statist propaganda. This levy is about coveting other peopleís money; they want to decrease yours to increase theirs.

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